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Being a woman — June 20, 2010

Being a woman

Every woman is a whore

Or a potential whore

What does it matter

what the subjective details of this instance were

When the demons of past

raise their ugly head

they ask for blood

if its not people

at least relationships

the kill is not called for by need

and the dead are not eaten

the corpses are abandoned

left to rot

and fill the deepest niches in our beings

with their morbid stench

and then

I can be accused again

of being a woman.

Poem without a title — July 29, 2009

Poem without a title

Am I myself?

Or extension to an idea?

You ask

me to draw my limitations

tighter… more clearly

or else I’m asked

to stretch and stretch

I won’t do either

I’d leave my bounds amorphous

and draw out the argument a little further

To ideas that still take birth… — April 25, 2008

To ideas that still take birth…

Time lost despairing for what was not to be
Tears shed over relationships beyond repair
Things I could not overlook
Words that just had to be said
Regret over people who must not be called
Places in lifetime that cannot be revisited
Words that will remain unsaid
Grief that I attract
Life that was to be but is not
Ideas that still take birth
Mind that still works
Things accepted and understood
Loving and loved but not quite
Ideals transformed but character unchanged